Wednesday, December 30, 2009


These nails are too fun! This is a glitter called "wild aces". On the ring fingers I used fimo polymer clay playing cards that I got from
These nails will bring good luck at the casino! Go gamble and have some fun! P.S. have a drink for me!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


On these nails we went all out! This is acrylic in nebula at the tip then I faded a glitter from called masquerade ball at the smile line. Then, I added silver dots and black and silver stars. Is there such a thing as too cute?! :)

This is my cute sister in law! She is so nice she just goes along with whatever I want to do. I used my own purple and then a glitter from sparkles nail products again. Just an FYI for all my clients I just ordered 12 more glitters from their website.

If you are a reader of my blog you will recognize this color nebula with a little disco ball action at the smile line. It's obvious that I am going through a disco ball phase!

These nails are done with my new favorite glitter called disco balls and one of my own blues that I mixed myself. I added little silver dots and stars all over.

On these nails I used a glitter from sparkles nail products called blue diamonds and faded another one of their glitters called disco balls. LOVE their products! P.S. Click directly on this photo to see the detail of the glitter.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


The first thing I did on these nails was acrylic in nova near the tip. Then I used a glitter called disco balls from I mixed it with clear acrylic first and added it near the smile line blending it up into the blue. I painted a snowflake on the ring fingers.

These nails are a super cute chunky blue glitter called stratosphere. For this time of year we just had to add the snowflakes.

This color is called "black hole." I added pink and silver stars to it. I used my migi nail art pen to write "2010" on the ring fingers. Happy New Year!

On these nails I used my favorite color nebula and then added some silver sparkle strips near the tip and a silver star for a new years theme.

These are silver nails with gold stars.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


On these nails I custom mixed a red acrylic with chunks of sparkly glitter. I also added silver "tinsel" at the tips. The ring fingers have a fimo clay Santa. I used my migi nail art pen to write Ho, Ho, Ho across the other fingers. Merry Christmas!

On these nails I painted a string of Christmas lights with my migi nail art pens.

These nails have a fimo clay Christmas Tree on the ring fingers from My client loves stars so we added white and silver stars on all the other fingers.

These nails have a red and green smile line fade. I also added candy canes. I know I've done a lot of candy canes but hey they are just so cute I can't help it!

On these nails I painted a thick and thin white stripe to coordinate with the fimo candy cane on the ring fingers.

On these nails I faded silver up from the smile line and painted white snowflakes.

Friday, December 4, 2009


Wow what a crazy day of nails! These are all pictures of nails that I did today. First these nails were too much fun. I used a glitter that I found on an amazing website I mixed the chunky glitter pieces with acrylic and then I went for it! Too much fun.

I went to get the mail today and I had new nail art stuff! Finally the red fimo clay dots I have been waiting for from So now we have Christmas red and green dotted nails!

These fabulous nails were done with fimo clay peppermints from

Last but not least...this client gave me artistic freedom but knew she wanted something red, white, black and wild! These are the official nails she will be wearing to the Sawyer Brown concert! I hope the concert is as fun and crazy as the nails!

I love my clients! You are all awesome! I'll see ya soon!


I have to give my client credit for this. She suggested we fade the darker blue up to the lighter blue. (I usually do it the opposite way) I also painted snowflakes with a migi nail art pen. It turned out fabulous! Thanks Nicole!

These nails remind me of cute Christmas wrapping paper. I used fimo clay candy canes from and painted green and white stripes with a striping brush.

These nails have a little fimo clay penguin on the ring finger from kennick kreations.

These nails have a red and silver fade with fimo clay candy canes on the ring fingers.

I already did some nails very similar to this but on these I added white polish dots at the smile line.

On these nails I painted a Christmas plaid using a striping brush.

This is a fimo clay poinsetta that I added to the ring finger. I purchased it from oaktreedollshouseminiatures.