Thursday, December 29, 2011


An icy winter wonderland! These are my last Christmas Nails of 2011. I had so much fun doing Christmas nails. I hope you enjoyed my pictures. It's time to start a new year. New Years nails! I hope 2012 brings some fabulous new nail art!This is a picture of the nails I did when I made my instructional videos that you can find on this blog. Love this glitter! #139 from This is a warning: If you are my client and you let me do whatever I want on your nails you are pretty much guaranteed to get zebra print of some kind and purpleI am loving how the pinkies have just the solid animal print! New Years Party Time Nails! I just absolutely love this client. She is my most creative client. One day the time will be right and she will get her nail license and I will start taking classes from her! My signature one nail different nails lol!

Sunday, December 25, 2011


On these nails I used acrylic from young nails block party collection in pool and from I used Ocean Mist #63.
To create the snowman I used INM northern lights to create the body. For the eyes I used barbara trombley art glitter in nebula, for the carrot nose I used duck tail and for the arms I used a martha stewart brand glitter in brownstone.


On this set of nails I did a fade with acrylic from Young Nails block party collection in pool, and from in ocean mist #63. I used a migi nail art pen from to paint the snowflake.

Monday, December 19, 2011


This is my absolute favorite purple glitter from Barbara Trombley's art glitter called Purple Passion. I faded the same brand glitter in D58 Party Time Dazzlers and wrote "2012" on the ring fingers with a migi nail art pen.

I love these winter nails. They make winter seem a little more fun. The chunky blue glitter is #63 Ocean Mist from

This is a new glitter that I am obsessed with. It is from #139 Rock candy. Couldn't get enough of it so I used it on the next 3 sets of nails. I found that this particular mix was easiset to use when mixed with a little bit of clear acrylic.

These nails are an acrylic overlay. I hand painted the animal print. My client went through and picked different glitters that I had from and I mixed a little of each glitter together and made her a custom glitter mix!

This glitter is also from I know you are so surprised right? LOL I can't help it I love their glitter mixes. This one is #144 Tis The Season.

These nails were done completely with gel polish. I used opi Big Apple Red and gelish waterdance. I also added a little hologram glitter from Young Nails. The snowflakes are nail decals.

These nails were actually just a regular fill that I did and then I completely switched them up with fun nail art on top to make the client feel like she had a completely new set of nails.

So much fun to do every nail a little different. I try to keep it looking uniform by using the same colors. When a clothing designer makes a collection the pieces go together but they are all different. I like to use this concept when I do a set of nails.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I would love to gear this blog more towards YOU all of my blog readers. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you would like to hear or see more of. Also feel free to let me know what I should leave out. I certainly don't want to waste your time! Also I would like to say thanks for stopping by. I appreciate you!
On these nails I did a 3d Santa and then capped over with clear acrylic. To get the skin tone look for Santa's face I used Young Nails cover powder. The Santa was inspired by Kara the Nail Goddess. Much of my inspiration I get directly from my clients. I am very lucky to have so many amazing clients.

This silver is sparkles nail products #68 in shinedown. The tip is a gorgeous glitter I purchased at roberts craft store called Brocade. The brand name is Barbara Trombley art glitter. I mix 1 part glitter 2 parts clear acrylic.

On these nails I used a glitter from #144 tis the season. I mixed it with clear acrylic. It was very easy to apply. I added a little silver at the smile line.

On these nails I did a 3d candy cane. First I outlined with a nail art pen where I wanted to place the candy cane. I used that as my guide as I applied stripes of acrylic.

On these nails I used a glitter from #145 limited edition silver. It is a super cute silver with little silver balls in it and little flecks of red. I wish you could see it better. It was very easy to work with. Love it!

On these nails I used a sparkly pink on the nail beds. I use 1/2 french pink 1/2 frosted pink a little metallic red and a little crystal all from Young Nails. I used reverse application to get a crisp smile line. You can view how to do this on click on get educated. I used a migi nail art pen to write "up up and away"

These are rasta nails. I used fimo clay circles from I also used impression tools from young nails to make the star and heart shape. I used acrylic to create 3d hearts on the ring fingers.

These nails were inspired by a facebook friend of mine Kara The Nail Goddess. She is so inspiring!