Tuesday, October 13, 2009


On these nails I used black acrylic in nebula. Some of you have asked where I get my acrylic colors. I get most of my colors from mixing 1 part art glitter with 3 parts clear acrylic. I buy art glitters from Color My Nails school. My very favorite colors I have only been able to find through them. They are nebula, fresh lime, mermaid, barbie, coral reef, punk pink, plum loco, black hole, hot kiss, lava lamp, purple lame', mystery, and last but not least cotton candy. The art glitters can double as glitter for glitter toes. Love it!

On these nails I used little dots that I also purchased from Color My Nails School. They sell some fun stuff there and also have great prices.


  1. could you move to Connecticut please? I want you to do my nails so bad!

  2. Any chance they have better winters there than we do in Utah? If so I'll be right there.

  3. last year, while you guys were in snow we were chillin in the rain and balmy 60 degree weather... but it snowed yesterday... so you never can tell... Still, the fall is so pretty it makes up for any bad weather we might get in the winter =)