Monday, August 2, 2010


I recently attended a Young Nails Imagination Nail Art Class. It was amazing! The class was taught by owner Greg Salo. This is a picture of me with him. If you are a nail tech you have to find out how you can attend a Young Nails class. They are awesome and Greg is too much fun..... they are the shit!

These are some amazing nails done by Krizia. She is a Young Nails educator and she is amazing!

I actually had a dream about these nails before I did them. Sometimes I get little nail art ideas going in my head and it is so nice when I have a fabulous client that will let me just get it out of my system. It was actually a relief to finally do these nails so I could quit thinking about them. I'm crazy I know. The cool zebra confetti on the middle finger is from I created the snake skin using into you netting from young nails also.

These may be the craziest nails I have ever done. I used a glitter from in All Mixed Up.

These are last chance nails. Let me explain.... these are my sister-in-laws nails and she will be having a baby in two days. So I did her nails today and she did my hair. Who knows when she'll have time to get her nails done again with a newborn. Hopefully it will be a good baby and sleep lots so mom can still pamper herself. :)

These are my nails. I don't do my own nails because I like to spoil myself but I wanted to show off how cute they are!

This color is from young nails metallic collection. I added little silver diamonds as an accent.

This is gel polish on toes with some fun silver stars. I absolutely love the gel polish on toes. It doesn't chip! The gel polish lasts on toes for an average of 4-5 weeks. Love it!

Another simple design with silver circles as an accent. Sometimes simple is fabulous darling!


  1. hey Amy :) im a new follower of yours and im delighted to finally find a nail artist with innovative funky new ideas for nail art. I only do nail art on myself and my girlie friends as a hobbie and will take great inspiration from your designs as they are just great! ive google imaged sooo many nail art pictures but yours are faaarrrr better and i love them x
    As your located in untah i cannot have my nails done by yourself as i live in a village in Wales Uk lol. If you dont mind would it be ok if i took inspiration from your nail art and if i posted pictures of designs i have recreated on my nails ( only the painted design as i dont have gel nails) i would link back to yourself and your blog as getting my inspiration and ideas for me and my friends nails from you! x
    hope this is ok with you as i would love to try out some of your nail art designs. :)
    x sophie-lou x

  2. I am thrilled that people want to take inspiration from my designs. I think that copying others work is a form of flattery so thank you. I definitely copy others or get inspiration from others. I hope that they are flattered as well. Thanks, Amy

  3. aww thats great thanks so much x i will defo be doing one of your designs soon so when i do post it on my blog il comment so that you can see how ive done it :) x
    Thanks again amy x
    sophie-lou x

  4. wow they all look soo beautiful!
    amazing creative mind!

  5. Amy you do AMAZING work! You are very inspiring. I am currently in nail school and loving it. :) Silly question but I was curious what your favorite nail tip brand is to us. Do you get the nice deep curve to your smile lines from the tips you use or from the way you lay your acrylic (boogie nights)?