Tuesday, September 7, 2010


This is a handpainted design that was inspired by a Young Nails mentor Christie. I used purple acrylic and added 2 colors of purple mylar for the base. I painted the black and white design with nail art pens from miginailart.com

I love to do Calligraphy but I never thought I would be doing it on nails! Why not combine my only 2 talents to create some fabulous Hope and Love :)

OPI gel polish in opi ink :)

This is a mixture I created myself for my fabulous client that loooves pink. This color is officially called Cindie #2.

These are officially my first fall nails of 2010. I am excited for Halloween nails. It is the one thing that can cheer me up about summer almost being over.

Ooooh I had fun doing these nails. I used some black dazzlers from artglitter.com I mixed those with acrylic and made a little swirl on the nail. I also used blue acrylic and added blue mylar. Then I painted my new favorite design (inspired by Christie from Young Nails). Fabulous darling!

These nails have quite a bit going on. I actually had no idea how they were going to come together until right up to the end. I did every other nail different. I added the polish accents to tie everything together. Very fun!

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  1. LOVE all of them!! my fave ones are pics 1, 3 and 6!!