Sunday, May 10, 2009


These fun watermelons on the ring fingers are actually made of polymer clay. Aren't they cool. I layed them into the acrylic and added the pink dots around them with nail polish. You can buy the polymer clay cutouts in all sorts of different fruits, flowers, lady bugs, etc... The green accent to mimick "watermelon rind" on the other nails is acrylic in "key lime". Thanks Dovetta for letting me do whatever I wanted on your nails.

These nails are polar bear white acrylic with berry purple on the tip. The flowers I did by hand with colored acrylic. They are done on top of the nail after it is finished to give a 3D effect. I just had to add some flowers after working out in the yard planting flowers today.


  1. This fruit decoration looks really good. You can also try using fimo fruit pieces and stick them to the nails. They will give a similar fruity look.

  2. those are really pretty what type of tip did you get