Tuesday, June 22, 2010

4th of July and Many More

I just have to say this is an amazing client of mine. She thinks she drives me crazy but the truth is I love crazy! She is awesome because she makes me think out of the box and pushes me to be more creative and keep learning. This is the exact reason why I love my job so much. It would be so boring if I never had to use my brain. So thanks to this client and all of my other amazing clients! You're the best!

These are some little diamonds that I purchased from dollarnailart.com. The background silver is hologram from young nails.

This is a twisted version of 4th of July nails. Love these!

My new favorite fimo clay flowers.

More 4th of July nails. The white stars are made with an impression tool from youngnails.com.

The next two sets of nails are of amazing clients of mine. They ran a 188 mile relay race called the ragnar. They both wanted nails that went with their teams colors. I wanted them to both look different though.

This is me just adding a little spice on a regular fill on a client.

This is gel polish I did on my sisters nails and toes for her upcoming trip to disneyworld. Have fun!

This is opi gel polish in bogota blackberry. I added 3d stars and painted some little fireworks and accents.

This is a real dried flower on the ring finger.

This is a fimo clay lily from oaktreedollshouseminiatures.com. They are sliced super thin so they are easy to work with.

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