Sunday, May 2, 2010


I am back from the IBS Las Vegas nail show. It was amazing! I learned so many tips and tricks there. Now I just have to apply everything that I learned. I have a lot of practicing to do! Can you believe these nails I saw in Vegas???

I am inspired by Spring. Both of these sets of nails have cherry blossoms on the ring fingers. On both sets I did 3d blossoms and then covered over with acrylic. My son called these nails "cotton candy trees". He is too fun!

Tie Dye Toes! I put all sorts of fun glitter colors on these toes and then added a layer of mylar over the top. These are so cute in person because the colors change when you move and the mylar reflects the light.

This is a Sparkles glitter in New Moon Risin Pink! Love it!

While I was in Vegas I noticed everyone was just doing random crazy colors all over the nails and just having fun with it. So that's what I did on these nails. I added the silver with nail polish.

More fun stuff that I purchased at the Vegas nail show.

On these nails I added a glitter from called slivers at the smile line.

This is a new color of acrylic that I got in Vegas. It has little pieces of mylar already in it.

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